Graduation Plans

Texas High School Graduation Plan Foundation Plan with Endorsement(s)

ALL Texas and DHS students must complete the requirements of HB-5 and the Texas Foundation Graduation Plan with Endorsement(s) and must meet a CCMR Readiness requirement:

Students must meet requirements of the Texas Foundation Plan, which consists of 22+ credits, and then satisty the requirement of at least 1 Endorsement Area which is an additional 4 credits=26 credits to graduate

The TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION GRADUATION PLAN requirements consist of 22+ credits: 

4-English Credits: English I, Engish II, English III and English IV or College Prep English

3-Math Credits: Algebra 1, Geometry, an Advanced Math Course (Algebra 2, Stats or Financial Math Stats)

3-Science Credits: Biology, IPC/Chemistry, an Advanced Science Course (Chemistry, Physics or Anatomy & Physiology)

3-Social Studies Credits: Word History, U.S. History, U.S. Government/Economics

1-Physical Education Credit: PE or Athletics

2-Credits in Languages other than English: Spanish 1 and Spanish 2

1-Fine Arts Credit: Art, Theater Arts or Floral Design

Speech Proficiency is earned in English 1

5-Elective Credits

=Total of 22 Credits

In Addition, students MUST choose and meet criteria for at least 1 Endorsement Area of 4 additional Credits=26+ Credits

Stem Endorsement: an extra math or science credit to equal 5 total credits in math or science

Business & Industry Endorsement: a technology or yearbook credit or must have CTE course sequence in Agriculture

Public Service Endorsement: CTE course sequence in Education & Training, Human Services or Health Science

Arts & Humanities Endorsement: a 4th Social Studies course, 4 Fine Arts credits from 1 or 2 categories (example Art 1 & 2 and Theater Arts 1 & 2 and/or Floral Design and Advanced Floral Design

Multidisciplinary Endorsement: 4 advanced courses, such as dual-credit college courses and 4 credits from each of the core areas: Math, Science, Social Studies and English and English IV is requirement to meet criteria for Multidisciplinary Endorsement

=Total of 26+ credits 

**Distinguished Level of Achievement Criteria: 4 Math credits including Algebra 2 and 4 Science credits and must have achieved at least 1 Endorsement

**Performance Acknowledgement Criteria: Earning a B or higher in any dual-credit/college courses, must have completed a 3rd year of Spanish, high scores on the ACT/SAT, and/or earning a Business & Industry Certification 

**CCMR--College, Career and/or Military Readiness: (Students must meet readiness in one of the ways listed below)

            * Complete and pass a 3 hour college course (1 semester) in either English or Math (Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to take Dual-Credit courses: please see counselor for criteria and for full list of available dual-credit course offerings through Paris Junior College)

            * Complete and pass an Industry Certification test (DHS has options in Welding, Floral Design, ServSafe Food Manager, CNA)

            * Complete and pass both College Prep English and College Prep Math during senior year for 4th year of English and Math

            * Enlist in the Military

            * Pass both TSI Reading/Writing and Math tests for college readiness

***The only way a student can be approved to graduate under the Foundation only plan--without an Endorsement, is by approval of a committee under special education, 504 committee or principal approved for a students with a specific disability or circumstance beyond control.