Dual Credit Options

~~Detroit ISD offers Dual-Credit Courses partnered with

Paris Junior College to Juniors and Seniors~~


Criteria: Students need to meet TSI criteria in Math, Reading and Writing to be able to register for dual-credit classes. See counselor for TSI testing details and opportunities. Tuition and fees must be paid to Paris Junior College and students must follow all PJC policies for grades and credit, in addition to Detroit ISD policies. There are a few limited PJC Needs-Based scholarships that could help with tuition for 1 course per semester as long as a 2.5 college gpa is maintained; please see counselor for details and deadlines. Only dual-credit/college courses taken during the school year are counted towards high school credit for students. Any college classes taken over a summer are only credited towards students’ college credit hours. 


PJC Dual-Credit course offerings currently include:

English 1301/1302 

English 2322/2323

Math 1314

Math 1342

Math 2312

History 1301/1302

Economics 2301

Government 2305

Spanish 2311/2312

Communication 1307

Arts 1301

Government 2306

Psychology 1300

Psychology 2301

Speech 1315

*Other dual-credit course offerings may be added in the future.

**Please visit Paris Junior College’s website for more details.