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Head Lice Policy

Head Lice Policy



Detroit Independent School District is legally bound to safeguard the health of all children and staff in the school. In order for us to keep the spread of Head Lice to a minimum, a policy has been set into place. Starting 2017-2018 school year these steps will be taken to prevent the widespread of Head Lice amongst our students.


  1. Individuals suspected of having live head lice or nits will be checked by the school nurse. If live lice are found the child will be sent home and the parents will be advised to contact their physician for advice and directions in treating the situation. Further, they shall be informed that their child will not be allowed to return to school until the condition has been thoroughly treated and the child does not pose a risk for further transmission. If nits are found, it will be determined by the nurse if a significant quantity exists to send the student home.


  1. In the primary and elementary school, other children in the class of the infested child will be examined. On the secondary level, other students will be examined as indicated. Any individuals found to have live head lice will be sent home with the same notifications as above.


  1. Records will be checked to see if any infected child has a sibling or siblings in the district. If siblings are in attendance in any school in our district, those children will also be examined for head lice.


  1. Upon returning to school after treatment, the student must report directly to the nurse’s office for inspection and permission to return. The child will be re-admitted when the school nurse determines the child does not pose a risk of transmission.


  1. Approximately a week to ten days after a child has been treated, that child will be re-examined as a precaution that re-infection has not occurred.


For further questions or concerns please contact Cady Wolf, Detroit ISD School Nurse at 903-674-3137 ext. 3825