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Medication Policy

Medication Policy



Dear Parents/Guardians of Detroit I.S.D.


Detroit I.S.D. will ONLY provide topical creams, sprays, chloraseptic spray, ora-jel, and cough drops.


The parent is responsible for providing the school with medications he/she wants the child to receive at school. The medication MUST BE in the original bottle with the child’s NAME, DOSAGE to receive, and TIME written on the bottle. Over the Counter medications have the same policy. No medication will be administered to your child that is not in the original bottle with the original label.


There will be NO medication administered to a child without a written consent from the parent. School staff cannot give medication without the above information because children are not responsible for interpreting medical directions and may not understand the correct dosage and timing of administration.


Also, NO medications will be sent home with a student from school. A parent is required to arrange pickup for all medications.


If you have any questions concerning these policies, please contact Cady Wolf, LVN School Nurse. 903-674-3137