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Sophomore To Do List


*Get good grades in your college prep courses: most 4-year colleges recommend 4 years of English, 4 years of Math (must include Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2), 4 years of Science (must include Biology and Chemistry or Physics), 4 years of Social Studies, 2-3 years of a Foreign Language, 1 year of Fine Arts, 1 year of Technology and 1 year of Physical Education or Athletics. 

*Be involved in activities, clubs and organizations both in and out of school. Colleges are looking for students who are active and involved in their school and community. They are also looking for students who have leadership abilities, unique experiences, and an interest in community service. Take Honors classes, if eligible. 

*Start creating or a resume` to use for college admissions and scholarship applications. Include all of your activities, awards, honors, unique experiences, community service, jobs, etc. This record will be helpful when you are completing applications—and anyone writing a recommendation letter for you will appreciate having this information.

*Start your research: explore college websites, take virtual tours and visit potential colleges. Explore different types of schools to determine entrance requirements and admission deadlines. Start making a list of colleges that you’re interested in.

‚Äč*Attend college and career fairs. 

*Do invest some time for volunteer and/or community service hours.

*Put your best foot forward and clean up your social media to present a college/career-friendly image online.

*Check your class rank, GPA, credits and attendance records. 

*Do your best on grades, benchmarks and STAAR EOC exams. Polish your study habits, behavior, and attitude to show you’re serious about your future.

*Register for dual-credit courses for junior year and choose the best courses for your junior year.

Need help deciding on a college and/or career? Check out the helpful college/career inventory website details below:

****Career Cruising is an excellent website to learn more about specific colleges and careers.

Go to and enter the user name (detroit) and password (75436) to access the following types of information:


Click on the state and then choose from a list of colleges and universities to learn these things:


Faculty Information

Undergraduate Admissions Data

Application Deadlines

Entrance Requirements

Entrance Difficulty

Estimated Expenses

Types of Financial Aid Available

Enrollment Numbers

High School Class Ranks

SAT/ACT Scores

Athletics/Programs/Intramural Sports/Majors Offered




Either click on the index of career names or type a career title (ex. Pilot) to learn these things:


Job Responsibilities



Texas Outlook (predicted job growth or decline)

Education and Training

Sample Career Paths

Related Careers

~~You can also read interviews with ‘real’ people who are employed in a particular career.  These interviews give insight to the pros and cons of entering a profession and the personal opinions of those being interviewed.