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Grading, Late Work, & Make-up Work

Grading, Late Work, and Make-up Work

           Grading:  At least 2 grades will be recorded each week of the six weeks.  Of those grades, at least 3 will be test grades.
      Make-up Work:  Make-up work will be due according to the number of days missed.  For example, a student absent for 3 days would be given 3 days to complete make-up work. Note: This does not apply to assignments or college work   .
       Missing Grades:  All missing grades, regardless of the reason (i.e. extracurricular, absence, etc.), will show as "0" in the computer gradebook until turned in.
            No Zero Policy:  See Detroit High School and Middle School Policy on Zeros Click Here to view policy.  Note: This does not apply to assignments, college prep work, or college work.
            DHS Student Success Policy:  Any student scoring less than 70% on an assignment has one of the following options to bring up the grade: 
      Correct the assignment/test with documentation (i.e. page number of text, information from notes, website, etc.) and turn it in for re-grading.
      Attend tutoring or Success Lab and get help with the assignment.  Note: The Success Lab teacher must sign your paper to show you attended. Then re-submit the paper for regrading.
If a student does the above, then the assignment will be regraded for a maximum grade of “70”.  Note:  This does NOT apply to assignments, college prep work, or college work.