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About Cheryl Marquez

I am Cheryl Hart Marquez, a Detroit resident since 1974, and a student of Detroit schools for over 10 years.  I am a graduate of North Lamar High School and ultimately graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 1995 after transfering from Texas A&M University, College Station where I majored in Political Science.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Government and graduated cum laude while working full-time. I married my husband, Eduardo, in 1996, who works for the Sysco Corporation, and we have two children, Matthew and Madeleine, ages 18 and 14.  Matthew is attending Texas A&M, College Station and is a member of the Corps of Cadets, a drummer in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, and is a gifted pianist.  Madeleine, who shares with me a passion for horses, participates with both NTHJC and DHJSC showjumping horses, plays basketball, runs track, and just loves animals in general.  She also plays the piano. She is a freshman at Detroit High School. 

I have worked at Detroit High School since 1998 - my entire career (after a residency at North Lamar High School and a semester there as a paraprofessional).  My family and I live in the Detroit school district.  I have served DISD as a volleyball coach and Special Education teacher, and I am now working as the all-level Spanish and Government teacher and the UIL Academic Coordinator.  I also enjoy coaching the Current Issues and Events team and Extemporaneous Speaking, and putting together a successful NET-OLE group that represents Detroit at the annual foreign language symposium at Texas A&M-Commerce each spring.  I am lucky enough to have most of Detroit's students their entire high school careers, and Detroit feels like family.

 Educating is a special passion for me because education is the key to independence and self-reliance. My mother is a retired educator, and my father lived in extreme poverty before his education at Texas A&M and membership in the Corps of Cadets changed his life (and hence my life)!  My mother was also one of Texas A&M College Station's first female students and athletes and represented TAMU in bowling.  I have a brother, Bradley, who is also a graduate of Texas A&M, College Station, was a member of the Corps of Cadets there, and is currently a surgeon and resides in Plano with his family. Both of my parents taught me the value of an education, and I believe every child at Detroit deserves the very best effort by their teachers and administrators in education. Personally,  I am happiest at home on my ranchette/horse farm with my family and dogs, riding horses, and spending time on my childhood homeplace, my Daddy's ranch, the Ace O'Hart's Ranch.  Professionally, I aim to make a difference in the lives of the students in this community and invest in their (and our) futures..     GO DETROIT EAGLES!!!!