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About Cheryl Marquez

I am Cheryl Hart Marquez, a Detroit resident since 1974, and a student of Detroit schools for over 10 years.  I am a graduate of North Lamar High School and ultimately graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 1995 after transfering from Texas A&M University, College Station where I majored in Political Science.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Government and graduated cum laude while working full-time. I married my husband, Eduardo, in 1996, who works for the Sysco Corporation, and we have two children, Matthew and Madeleine, ages 18 and 14 who both attend Detroit ISD.  Matthew’s interests are the FFA organization, where he currently serves in chapter, district , and area leadership, and music (he plays piano, guitar, violin, and served on the Detroit Fightin' Eagle Drumline). He has also participated in basketball, track, and soccer.  Matthew is a Ford Leadership Scholar and has placed as high as 3rd in the State Spanish Creed speaking contest within the FFA organization.  Matthew will be attending Texas A&M, College Station in the fall of 2020.  Madeleine, who shares with me a passion for horses, participates with both NTHJC and DHJSC showjumping horses, plays basketball, runs track, and just loves animals in general.  She also plays the piano. 

I have worked at Detroit High School since 1998 - my entire career (after a residency at North Lamar High School and a semester there as a paraprofessional).  My family and I live in the Detroit school district.  I have served DISD as a volleyball coach and Special Education teacher, and I am now working as the all-level Spanish and Government teacher and the UIL Academic Coordinator.  I also enjoy coaching the Current Issues and Events team and Extemporaneous Speaking, and putting together a successful NET-OLE group that represents Detroit at the annual foreign language symposium at Texas A&M-Commerce each spring.  I am lucky enough to have most of Detroit's students their entire high school careers, and Detroit feels like family.

 Educating is a special passion for me because education is the key to independence and self-reliance. My mother is a retired educator, and my father lived in extreme poverty before his education at Texas A&M changed his life (and hence my life)!  My mother was also one of Texas A&M College Station's first female students and athletes and represented TAMU in bowling.  I have a brother, Bradley, who is also a graduate of Texas A&M, College Station and is a surgeon and resides in Plano with his family. Both of my parents taught me the value of an education, and I believe every child at Detroit deserves the very best effort by their teachers and administrators in education. Personally,  I am happiest at home on my ranchette/horse farm with my family and dogs, riding horses, and spending time on my childhood homeplace, my Daddy's ranch, the Ace O'Hart's Ranch.  Professionally, I aim to make a difference in the lives of the students in this community and invest in their (and our) futures..     GO DETROIT EAGLES!!!!