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Welcome to

Detroit Elementary

Fine Arts!



DES art students represented us well at the 2016

Red River County & Red River Valley Fairs in September!


Red River County Fair Winners (Clarksville)

Front Row (L-R):
Kynli Long, 4th grade, 2nd place
Olivia Lee, 4th grade, 2nd place
Aaron Smith, Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd place
Shay Partin, 1st grade, 3rd place
Nola Partin, 3rd grade, 3rd place
Lily Daigle, 2nd grade, 1st place
2nd Row (L-R):
Cassidy Bean, 4th grade, 1st place
Nicholas Howell, 3rd grade, 2nd place
Celia Hagler, 5th grade, 3rd place
Breanna Kuhlengel, 3rd grade, 2nd place
Tanner Haumschild, 5th grade, 1st place
Red River Valley Fair Winners (Paris)
Front Row (L-R):
Lane Stringer, 5th grade, 3rd place
Charlie Storey, 5th grade, 3rd place
Cheyenne Snodgrass, 5th grade, 1st place
Kirsten Ferrill, 5th grade, 2nd place
Cayden Fuller, 5th grade, 3rd place
Mykah Tucker, 5th grade, 1st place
2nd Row (L-R):
Kardadrion Coulter, 5th grade, 3rd place
Madeleine Marquez, 5th grade, 2nd place
Kenzie Cox, 5th grade, 1st place
Celia Hagler, 5th grade, 2nd place
Lena Fleming, 5th grade, 3rd place
Karen Knowles, 5th grade, 2nd place
*Not pictured: Raelin Musgrove, 5th grade, 3rd place


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