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Tuck Everlasting Project


Choose ONE of the following projects to demonstrate your comprehension of Tuck Everlasting. You will be graded on neatness, creativity, and accuracy of your portrayal of the novel. Select a project that will be of most interest to you.

  1. Make a large 3D diorama of an important scene from the book. Write a paragraph describing the scene and its importance to the plot of the novel.
  2. Write a chapter (2 pages single spaced, minimum) telling the further adventures of the Tuck family. Be sure to include all 4 members and at least one section of dialogue.
  3. Draw a poster size map of the area of Treegap. On the map, put symbols (or numbered markers) where at least 6 events from the novel took place. On another sheet of paper, explain in at least 2-3 sentences what happens at each place.
  4. Make a video of an advertisement for "magic water" that the man in the yellow suit might have sold. Write a paragraph summary of the advertisement; explain how you came up with the idea for your advertisement, and how the advertisement uses details from the novel.
  5. Make a diary that Winnie might have kept. The diary must contain the minimum of 5 entries of at least 150 words or more. It may contain illustrations. The diary must have a decorated cover, a title, dates, and entries.
  6. Illustrate 5 scenes from the book with original drawings or collages. Each illustration needs a title. For each description, write a paragraph describing what is happening in the story during that particular scene.
  7. Rewrite the last chapter (2 pages single spaced, minimum) of the book. Change it to the way that you believe it should have ended. Be sure to include dialogue and descriptive language.
  8. Pretend that you are a newspaper reporter and compile a list of 20 questions you would want to ask one of the Tucks. Then write a newspaper article (2 pages single spaced) of the interview.
  9. Examine how the author uses words to create different moods in the book. Music also creates moods. Select music to represent 6 different events and moods in the story. Create a playlist with at least 6 songs (I can look up the songs on YouTube). For each song, write at least 3 sentences that describe the scene and how the music relates to that scene (justification for using that song). Design and create a CD cover for the soundtrack for Tuck Everlasting.
  10. Create a board game using places, characters, problems, and details from Treegap and the novel, Tuck Everlasting. You should have a paragraph summary of the book, a detailed explanation of how to play the game, and rules for it.
  11. Create 2 shadow boxes (shoe boxes) that represent the Tuck’s and the Foster’s houses. Write at least 2 paragraphs that describe how the details that you include reflect the characteristics of the 2 families.
  12. Create a book of poetry with at least 6 poems based on the novel, Tuck Everlasting. Your book should have a title page, page numbers, a table of contents, a decorated cover, illustrations, and should have at least 5 examples of figurative language. You could possibly write your poems on individual characters, the plot, theme, symbols, etc.








Name: __________________________    Date Turned In: ________________

                                                                                 (Teacher’s use only)

Rubric – Please Turn in Rubric with Project to Teacher




Above Average 4







Accuracy: How well did I portray the novel’s elements?

Displays thorough knowledge of novel.

Displays great knowledge of novel.

Displays average knowledge of novel.

Displays some knowledge of novel.

Displays little to no knowledge of novel.

Creativity: How well did I blend my imagination with the novel’s elements?

Creativity is evident throughout project.

Creativity is fairly evident throughout project.

Creativity is evident throughout project.

Creativity is somewhat evident throughout project.

Creativity is not evident in project.

Neatness: How well did I produce my project?

Project is evident with time well spent.

Project is evident with time fairly well spent.

Project is evident with time appropriately spent.

Project is evident with some time spent.

Project is evident with little time spent.


This project is worth 100 points. It will be counted one time in the grade book, as Test/Projects (TP) are worth 50% of your total grade in Literature.

PROJECT   Total: 100 points

Points Breakdown:

Accuracy: 50 points

Creativity: 30 points

Neatness: 20 points


trans-    across, through

Vocabulary    Definitions

transatlantic (adj)    across the Atlantic Ocean

transcontinental (adj) across a continent

transcribe (v)    to write across languages; to translate

transect (v)    to cut across or divide by cutting

transfer (v)    to move from one place to another; to move across places

translate (v)    to cut through any language barrier by changing one language into another

translucent (adj)    clear; light can pass through; see through but
not perfectly clear

transparent (adj)    perfectly clear; obvious; light shows clearly through

transpiration (n)        the process of giving off moisture through pores of skin or through the surface of leaves and plants

transport (v)    to carry from one place to another; to carry through an area


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