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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Denny’s 2021-2022 Daily Schedule:


Weekly Lessons and Class Schedule

Week of October 25-29

All classes are working on resumes.

Will be working daily in class on their computers.

My cell number is (903) 517-0838 or

email me at

We are continuing to use iCEV and Google Classroom while working on resumes and student class assignments.

Please see the Classwork heading in Google Classroom for your weekly assignments!

Please email me at

if you have any questions or need help!

Thank you and stay safe! Mrs. Denny









Upcoming Events


Classroom Number:
New Gym 1
School Phone:
(903) 674-2646
Cell Phone:
(903) 517-0838
Conference Time:
3rd Period - 9:43 to 10:28