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GT Referrals Open Oct 1st

Posted Date: 09/29/2021

GT Referrals Open Oct 1st



Detroit ISD

Gifted and Talented Program


October is the month for GT Referrals.


The referral window for Detroit ISD Gifted and Talented is October 1-31, 2021. To refer a student, a referral form must be filled out and returned to the child’s campus office or campus GT Sponsor on or before October 31. Referral forms for parents and teachers are accessible on Ms. Peek’s DISD webpage or in the campus office of the child’s given campus. Students that are already identified as Gifted do not need to be reassessed unless they are new to the district. The GT Program serves students who have an educational need for specialized services. 

Middle School/High School Coordinator- Mrs. Welch

Elementary Coordinator- Ms. Peek


*Completed Referral forms may also be emailed to

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