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About the Director

Tiffany McLeod is 24 years old, and has been a music and art lover ever since her childhood. At the age of 8, her parents put her in piano lessons, which she continued through high school. She was also active in band and choir, as well as taking a year of theater arts before focusing all of her attention on Choir and FFA. Although she is currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education part-time while teaching full-time at Detroit Elementary, the arts have been a tremendous influence in her life in various forms for as long as she can remember. 

She has attended Chisum Trails Cowboy Church in Powderly, Texas for the past 10 years. Graduating from high school at North Lamar ISD in Paris, she went off to Texas A&M University in College Station for two years before opting to finish her degree a little closer to home. This is her third year to teach Music & Art to grades K-5 at Detroit Elementary, and her first year to coach the Detroit Eagle Drumline.

In addition to the piano, Ms. McLeod also plays the flute, the guitar, and the fiddle. She has been teaching piano lessons for six years and violin lessons for three years. Her favorite pastimes include reading mystery books, playing in the worship band at her church, and dabbling in photography.