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Detroit First Grade Newsletter

Sept 24th – 28th, 2018


Spelling Words:

bug     rub

yum    van

zip       quit

for       here

Dictation Sentence:

Here is a pup in the red van.

(Please remind your child about the proper use of capital and lower case letters on the Spelling Test/Dictation Sentence.)


What we will be studying this Week:


Story: Farmers Market, page 148.

Listening Comprehension:  Realism & Fantasy.

Phonics:  letter sounds: v, y, z, qu, and short u.  Initial, medial, final sounds in words.  CVC pattern words, diagraphs th, ch, sh, blends.

High Frequency Wordsfor, go, here, me, where.

Grammar & Handwriting:  Writing sentences using nouns, verbs, adjectives.

Math:  Addition & Subtraction/Time to the Hour          

Social Sciences: Properties & Patterns


News and Special Notes:


  • Friday, Oct 5th – First Grade will be having a Ring Toss for the Harvest Festival. We would appreciate any donations of plastic bottled drinks.  Please send any donations by Wed., Oct. 3.  Thank you.


  • Please read A.R. Books several times, before you test them at home or we take the A.R. test at school.


Wear a cap on Friday for Fifty-cents.


  • Homework is due at school on Friday.










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