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Welcome to Mrs. Pitcock's

First Grade Class

    We are looking forward to having your child in our class this year.  There are several ways you may get in touch with us.  Our email address is  If you have any questions and/or concerns, you may call or come by on our conference period between 9:30-10:20. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Here is some basic information to help you and your child adjust to First Grade:


Attendance and Dismissal

            Students may start eating breakfast at 7:20.  The first bell rings at 7:45.  The tardy bell rings at 7:50.  We have a very busy schedule.  Many experiences cannot be made up if missed, as these are hands-on-activities.  So please try to have your child at school on time and don’t pick them up early unless it is necessary.

            The Elementary dismisses at 3:20.  If something happens and there is a change in how your child goes home, please send a note or call the office.  Without a phone call or note, students will be sent home by their usual transportation.

Car riders:  Children are not allowed to leave the designated area unaccompanied.  Please go through the car lane to pick up your child.

            Three tardies and/or three early parent pick ups, without a medical excuse in a six weeks period, results in thirty minutes of after school detention.


One major and convenient way we will communicate is through your child’s Daily Folder.  The folder will be sent to and from school everyday.  It will contain classroom news (In Friday’s folder), homework, spelling words, graded papers, a calendar with each day’s behavior, and any notes between teacher and parents.   Please place all papers and notes that should come back to school in this folder.  Also please check the folder and remove all papers each day, so important information will not get lost.


 First Grade homework is mainly about practicing skills we are working on in class.

 Spelling words and sight words will be on the newsletter and sent home in Friday’s folder.  There is also a dictation sentence that will be part of each week’s Spelling Test.  We will have a pre-test on Thursday and final test on Friday for Spelling.  The highest score is recorded.

Reading is very important.  Every night there will be a book to read.  Your child will have a book in a book bag to practice independent reading.  Please sign the reading log after listening to him/her read.  Frequent reading of familiar books increases reading skills in several ways. (So please allow them to read a book more than one time.  This helps build fluency.)  Once a week your child will bring home his/her reader.  He/she will read you the story we are working on that week.  Please listen and help them with any words they do not recognize.

We will be practicing many concepts in Math.  Some of these concepts include, but are not limited to:  patterns, addition, subtraction, less than/greater than, story problems, skip counting, place value, measurement, and geometry.

A homework packet will also be sent home on Friday.  The packet is due back the following Friday.  The homework packet will include skills for the week, or previous skills that have been taught but need practice to master.

Please remember children will value education when parents show interest in what is being taught at school.

                                                             Toys at School

Please do not allow your child to bring toys and personal belongings to school.


         All students are expected to follow the rules.  There are rewards for good behavior and consequences if the rules are not followed.  I will be using colors for my discipline chart:

            Check Mark      - Great Day                        Red  - 15 minutes timeout

            Green – 5 minutes timeout                         Black – Discipline Slip/Office

            Yellow – 10 minutes timeout

Classroom Rules are:

  1. Listen carefully.                                          4.  Respect others
  2. Follow directions                                        5.  Work and play safely
  3. Work quietly

Students get special treats and rewards for good behavior.

Accelerated Reading

     Your child will be bringing Library books home to read weekly.  (At the very first of school, we don’t expect the student to read the book unless it is a very simple book, so you will read and ask them questions about the book.  It is a good idea to read it at least twice for comprehension.)  As the year goes on they will be reading with you. The student will take a comprehension test on the book and earn A.R. points.  As the year evolves we will set classroom goals and they can earn rewards throughout the year.  This is a great way to spend time with your child, foster a love of reading, and develop their comprehension.  We do not take any grades from A.R.  However, there will be an A.R. award, if your child has met their A.R. goal.  A.R. tests can be taken at home or at school.  If students test at home, please record date and grade on an A.R. Sheet.

      You may look on the school website to access the weekly newsletter and other pertinent information.  If you would like to be on our electronic mailing list, please send us your email information on the bottom of the form that is sent back to school.

We are looking forward to a great year.  Together we will work as partners developing a love of learning in your child.  Our goal is to help each child reach his/her full potential.  Please sign and return the bottom portion of this page.


 Yours in Education,

 Mrs. Pitcock